Dinners with Satan

by Lou Sopher
The Book


We all know you shouldn’t make a deal with the devil. But what do you do when you find out you’ve married her?

Lou Sopher thought he had the perfect life of suburban matrimony – but that illusion came crashing down around him when he discovered his wife’s extramarital escapades. Caught in the throes of a vicious divorce, Lou discovered a new side of his wife that he’d never seen before… a side with horns, fangs, and a digital pitchfork.

As Lou navigated the treacherous waters of un-marrying, he began to notice another devil in his life… a devil hiding in his own mirror.

This is one dinner date you won’t want to miss. Cut yourself a slice of devil food’s cake and sink your fangs into a memoir steeped in wit, wisdom, and marital war.
Wanna Bite?

  • Fact

    My story is mostly true. Some facts may have been changed, but the most shocking revelation of my tale is the way it mirrors so many others.

  • Fiction

    All names were changed to protect the guilty. Why would I do such a thing instead of call them out to the public? Because we are ALL guilty.

  • Humor

    My life is a joke. Always has been and always will be. I hope you find my struggles as humorous as I now do.

  • Serious

    I'm trying to warn you all of your devil inside. Let my superpower to see the devil in anyone help guide you to your own epiphany.

Dinners with Satan

by Lou Sopher

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Meet the Author

Lou Sopher
Lou Sopher is an author and ex-husband residing in a small suburban town he likes to refer to as the Fiery Pits of Hell. He grew up with 10 siblings in a small town south of Kansas City and learned from an early age that we all – even the very best of us – have a devil inside. Aside from poking people with his pitchfork, he enjoys long walks on the beach and spending time roasting marshmallows over the lake of fire in his hometown. This is the first book of his life in Heaven’s Basement.

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